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Bergische Sekundanz - Rechtsanwälte Lichtinghagen & Partner

Financial advice from a lawyer – A mission and a calling

BERGISCHE SEKUNDANZ is a legal firm specialising in the rights of companies, their shareholders and executive bodies, which focuses exclusively on supporting, advising and representing SMEs. Financial advice from our lawyers is provided not merely as one service amongst several legal areas, but is considered the ultimate show of skills and as such is the uppermost focus and primary concern of our legal firm. Advisors at partner level therefore consult exclusively with two-fold qualifications, be it with an academic qualification in finance, as a qualified tax consultant and/or their own experience as managing directors in addition to their legal aptitude. A legal opinion from us is always indivisible from the economic perspective.

The analyses and opinions given so far in the daily work of our lawyers, have resulted in numerous publications in renowned German specialist journals. Publications, which not only summarise current legal conditions and issues, but also highlight new aspects, solutions and approaches. As uncontested evidence of our above-average expertise - from practice for practice - it is true that our publications have since been cited in almost all current commentaries on German tax law, as well as in financial ruling and rulings of the highest federal court. Statements on the fiscal abuse of legal structures have also attracted international attention.

We identify not only your problems – but also our solutions!

The “fugelman” or the “second” in English refers to the representative in a duel, referred to in German as the Sekundant or le soigneur in French. The name of our legal firm therefore expresses the way in which we can represent you. BERGISCHE SEKUNDANZ supports/represents you in

  • Contract negotiations and closing
  • Shareholders’ meetings and shareholders’ disputes
  • Court and out-of-court disputes under any point of commercial law

Based on your requests and the demands of the situation, we can support you in the background, at your side or even act in your name. We will not desert you!

Our head office in the Marienburg quarter of Cologne can be reached, despite its quiet setting in a listed villa in the noble district of Cologne, within just 3 minutes from Kreuz Köln-Süd (from Bundesautobahn 4), 7 minutes from Bundesautobahn 3, 10 minutes from Bundesautobahn 1 and around 12 minutes from Cologne/Bonn (CGN) airport and around 45 minutes from Düsseldorf (DUS) airport. We are 90 minutes from Frankfurt (FRA) airport. We will be happy to provide a shuttle service from all three airports.

We look forward to meeting you!

Please contact us in your language at kanzlei@bergische-sekundanz.de

Bergische Sekundanz - Rechtsanwälte Lichtinghagen & Partner